‘No Poo’ – Update – 1 Week

So after 1 week of not using shampoo I’ve definitely noticed some changes.

I’m pleased to say that thus far, my itchy scalp has subsided dramatically. In fact, it rarely itches at all anymore! Is this proof that the chemicals and detergents within shampoo have directly irritated my scalp in the past? Maybe. I’ll keep you posted!

My dandruff has seen some changes – For better and for worse. Previously, my dandruff was very fine, but now the dandruff I do have is slightly larger in size. The good thing is that I don’t itch my head hardly at all anymore, so typically the dandruff won’t show unless I vigorously scratch my head. So in that sense, it’s not a bad deal at all!

I’ve always had a full head of hair, and have never worried about hair loss. I will say that in the past, when I scratched my head, not only would fine flakes of dandruff fall out, but also a noticeable amount of hair! Since I’ve stopped using shampoo, the times I do scratch my head virtually no hair falls out. In fact, I just simulated this and can truthfully say not a single strand of hair fell off my head. Interesting to say the least!

My hair now has this natural look to it. I can’t really explain it, and maybe it’s just more how it feels than how it looks, but it seems much healthier. I can shape it much easier because of these natural oils, and as far as I know there is no noticeable smell to it. It doesn’t smell fruity or anything like shampoo, but it also doesn’t smell bad. It really just doesn’t smell like anything!


So far so good! I like the results thus far, although I’m not entirely sold on the idea just yet. Honestly, though, simply losing the itch I once had is enough for me!

We’ll see what happens after a couple more weeks.


One thought on “‘No Poo’ – Update – 1 Week

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