why blogging is so incredible

Just another day.

LostinthoughtMaybe you’re driving, learning, working, eating, or exercising, but what happens next you have no control over – You receive a stimulus. This isn’t your average stimulus, but one that seems to be pulled from the depths of your own mind. We all deal with an abundance of external and internal stimuli, but this one is different – It comes from the unconscious mind of which we know very little about. Whether it’s an idea, a solution, or something that’s already been thought of before, it’s still your own. Whatever it is, it sends your mind reeling, bouncing off some of the hundreds of billions of neurons within your brain, and simply asking why.

Before you know it, you’re thinking of so many possibilities you can’t even think straight. Your mind tosses some ideas aside to make room for others to fully develop, and at the end of the day you’re left with a new perspective you’ll eventually get out by talking to your closest friends. When you speak about it days or even weeks later, it’s just not the same. Maybe the fire within you has fizzled some, or maybe it’s difficult to find the right words to express how you felt at that intense moment of inspiration and discovery.

This is why I blog. I’m selfish. I do it for myself, but I’m more than happy to share it with those who would like to listen along the way! Blogging is simply a way for me to express how I feel about something when the fire is still burning inside me.

What I find most intriguing is how difficult it is to put most of my ideas into words; I hope by blogging I’ll be able to improve on this and eventually be able to reach more people when I have an idea that’s  really worth spreading. The first step to developing any idea is writing it down.

When blogging, I never want to mislead anyone. Sure, what I’m saying is merely my opinion, but therein can always lie faulty information; Thus, when blogging I always do some minor research of the topic I wish to talk about, which typically leads me to further develop my idea and understanding of it. Not only that, but it leaves you with with even more questions! So by blogging your idea, you’re not only teaching others, but teaching yourself in the process.

Never think that your idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, is worth nothing. It’s worth more than you know! Maybe it needs development, and maybe it’ll change drastically over time, but one thing is certain – You’re going to learn something valuable in the process of developing that idea. You’ll learn about yourself and about the world. It’s so exciting!

I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
―Mahatma Gandhi

Blog on, everyone!


Agree, disagree, or have something to add? Please comment below! I'd love to hear your response.

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