Coloradans – Friendly, Yet Reserved

I’ve visited Colorado many times over the course of my life; everywhere from resort towns to rural areas, ski slopes to national forests. Each time I go, I find myself slightly confused when interacting with the people there. Sometimes I’m baffled by their seemingly unfriendly nature, and other times I’ve felt downright disrespected.

Maybe it’s just all in my head…

Or maybe not.

Even though I have been around a generous assortment of Coloradans, I realize that some certainly can’t speak for all, but honestly, it seems as though they have a very limited interest in talking to other people – At least when it comes to small chit-chat.

That I can respect.

But being from Texas, considered to be one of the most friendly states, it’s a bit of a shock when you seem to be the only one walking around asking people how their day is, or how they’re doing. Eventually, I don’t even want to ask, and I find myself refraining from my “natural” behavior. I would definitely consider myself to be friendly, but I wouldn’t say outgoing, at least by Texas standards. In Colorado, I feel as though I stick out like a sore thumb just for saying hello to a stranger!

Don’t get me wrong, people in Colorado are very friendly, but just a lot more reserved. Frankly, after stopping by Colorado again, I got a reminder of just how fake and insincere the standard, “how are you?” really is. If you’ve ever worked in service or retail industries, you especially know what I’m talking about. You will typically be required to interact with customers (surprise, surprise); however, let’s be honest – After the 15th interaction you really don’t care how they’re doing, do you?

Honestly, do you?

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Standing Up For Your Health

So apparently every time we sit down for a prolonged period of time, we are shaving off days of our lives. We already know the long list of negative effects associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle, but it also affects our joints! We sit so much, and for so long, that we begin to lock our hips and become virtually physically unable to fully extend our hips. Not only does this eventually lead to hip disease and back problems, but these problems stem from one another to create this vast web of biomechanically unsound movements. Your tight hamstrings lead to the inability to extend your hips, which could lead to pelvic tilt, which under the right circumstances could lead to back problems, neck problems, shoulder problems – The list goes on. Inevitably this shortens your lifespan in a number of various ways. We’re talking years.

Well, you know me. I’m going to take a stand, literally, and aim to sit as little as I possibly can. The first, and probably the only step I’ll take is to eliminate my computer chair. I have moved my computer to a standing desk (Made from my dresser chest if you must know) in hopes of pretty much eliminating the many hours a day I spend sitting. Completing assignments, browsing the web, gaming, typing this blog – Pretty much EVERYTHING.

Apparently, hip disease in countries that still use the bathroom on the ground and sit on the ground is virtually non-existent. See the Asian Squat if you’re interested.

Check out the FIRST episode of Dr. Kelly Starrett’s Mobility Workout of the Day – Emphasis on first because he obviously finds it very important. Try the Squat Test and see how your flexibility stacks up!

With all that being said, there have been some people against the idea of standing up all day long. I can completely understand this, as after awhile you become tired of standing much faster than sitting. I’ve previously worked as a server, working up to 12 hours some days on my feet, and I can say that it isn’t exactly pleasant; However, it also didn’t appear to be harmful so I’m still willing to give this a try.

I’ll keep you posted!

‘No Poo’ – Update – 1 Week

So after 1 week of not using shampoo I’ve definitely noticed some changes.

I’m pleased to say that thus far, my itchy scalp has subsided dramatically. In fact, it rarely itches at all anymore! Is this proof that the chemicals and detergents within shampoo have directly irritated my scalp in the past? Maybe. I’ll keep you posted!

My dandruff has seen some changes – For better and for worse. Previously, my dandruff was very fine, but now the dandruff I do have is slightly larger in size. The good thing is that I don’t itch my head hardly at all anymore, so typically the dandruff won’t show unless I vigorously scratch my head. So in that sense, it’s not a bad deal at all!

I’ve always had a full head of hair, and have never worried about hair loss. I will say that in the past, when I scratched my head, not only would fine flakes of dandruff fall out, but also a noticeable amount of hair! Since I’ve stopped using shampoo, the times I do scratch my head virtually no hair falls out. In fact, I just simulated this and can truthfully say not a single strand of hair fell off my head. Interesting to say the least!

My hair now has this natural look to it. I can’t really explain it, and maybe it’s just more how it feels than how it looks, but it seems much healthier. I can shape it much easier because of these natural oils, and as far as I know there is no noticeable smell to it. It doesn’t smell fruity or anything like shampoo, but it also doesn’t smell bad. It really just doesn’t smell like anything!


So far so good! I like the results thus far, although I’m not entirely sold on the idea just yet. Honestly, though, simply losing the itch I once had is enough for me!

We’ll see what happens after a couple more weeks.

Your Health is your responsibility!

I recently decided to go see a doctor. Big deal, right?

Sign-PostAt age 24, for the first time in my life, I chose the doctor that I wanted to go see, and not the doctor my parents had chosen for me. It kind of was a big deal. Upon doing some research, I began to understand the importance of choosing the right doctor for you, and all the various doctors available in my area.

I made an appointment online with a doctor who claims to be more into the holistic side of medicine. Integrative medicine is a combination of conventional medicine with alternative or complementary treatments; Mostly, it’s medicine with a focus on the whole person, not just the disease. Since I’m seemingly healthy, active, and happy, I figured I’d consider something of the non-traditional variety. 

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why blogging is so incredible

Just another day.

LostinthoughtMaybe you’re driving, learning, working, eating, or exercising, but what happens next you have no control over – You receive a stimulus. This isn’t your average stimulus, but one that seems to be pulled from the depths of your own mind. We all deal with an abundance of external and internal stimuli, but this one is different – It comes from the unconscious mind of which we know very little about. Whether it’s an idea, a solution, or something that’s already been thought of before, it’s still your own. Whatever it is, it sends your mind reeling, bouncing off some of the hundreds of billions of neurons within your brain, and simply asking why.

Before you know it, you’re thinking of so many possibilities you can’t even think straight. Your mind tosses some ideas aside to make room for others to fully develop, and at the end of the day you’re left with a new perspective you’ll eventually get out by talking to your closest friends. When you speak about it days or even weeks later, it’s just not the same. Maybe the fire within you has fizzled some, or maybe it’s difficult to find the right words to express how you felt at that intense moment of inspiration and discovery.

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Ignorance at the Gym

You see it all the time, and I mean all the time. Yet another gym-goer doing something they shouldn’t be.

It’s not that they are too dumb or incapable of learning proper technique to prevent injuries, but that they’re ignorant – They just haven’t learned it yet, or more importantly, no one has told them.

Today I ran into a man who has probably been going at it for many years. He was in his mid 30’s, about 6’2″ 240lbs of muscle. His physique was a true testament to all his hard work and dedication. Yeah, he works out, bro. Unfortunately, as far as his squat is concerned, he’s probably not going to be working out his legs too much longer.

I set up shop at the squat rack, and turn to my left to see this man, knees wrapped, weight belt on, grimacing in pain squatting 400+ for reps. Good for him! We exchange some small talk here and there, mostly him complaining about how his knees hurt and he can’t lift as much as he used to, and then I see it – His right knee is buckling in pretty hard as he works through the squat motion. He’s finishing the reps, but at a pretty high risk of knee injury.

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College: What’s it really  about?

Ah, college.

Growing up I always knew I would attend, but I just wasn’t entirely sure where.

I certainly didn’t know what I would study. I finally decided on a Bachelor of Business in Administration, but only because you really can’t go wrong with one. I’ve always had more of a business mind and an interest in it, but mainly I chose it because it’s safe at the very least. Upon completion of that, I then developed interest in a Doctor of Physical Therapy, which eventually turned into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I’m currently working on that one at Baylor University and expect to graduate in May of 2015. Honestly, it doesn’t even stop there. Once I get my BSN, I have plans to pursue higher education in nursing… I think.

Moral of the story – Don’t expect to know exactly what you’ll be studying in college. It seems ridiculous to me that society expects us to know at such a young age. Instead, I like to think of it as a stepping stone to finding our true passion in life.

What’s it Really About?

In my opinion, college is about getting away from home, the sphere of influence you’ve had since birth, and experiencing life your way. The single most important thing about college isn’t getting your degree, although you should probably pick that up that along the way, but about getting to know yourself and others, fine-tuning your values, and using that information to form a greater understanding of your surroundings. It’s about making mistakes, but more importantly it’s about learning from them in a safe environment that fosters just that – Learning. College is a crucible: A melting pot of all the possibilities within you, mixed with all the experiences you create while you’re there.

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